Our return to Israel at the end of 2019 caught us off guard. This was true even though we knew all along that Israel is our home and that we will eventually return.

As soon as the decision was made and in spite of the emotional difficulties, my partner and I found ourselves in a race to complete the necessary steps on the way back home. First and foremost, deciding where we want to live!

We understood that we are not interested in returning to the house we owned in Israel. The family was more mature and we felt our old place was not a perfect fit for our teenagers. We decided we do not want to rent for a year once we come back and move the family one more time. Hence, it was clear that we would try to sell our old house and buy a new one in a different location.

There is no shortage of online real-estate ads. However, working with a realtor from afar is a real challenge. We had a dedicated relative that visited many potential assets on our behalf. This is a privilege that is not shared by many returning families. Moreover, the time zone difference is also a problem. Many realtors are not willing to work with clients that do not have a local POC.

It took us a while to zoom-in on the neighborhood that we felt will fit our needs. Once we found our target asset, we had much needed help from our law firm. Using a power-of-attorney we were able to prepare the contracts. I travelled to Israel for the final signatures (although this can also be done from afar). Fast forward 12 months! We are back in Israel in our new house! There is a saying that “Home is where our story begins…” In our case, home is where our story continues. We provide comprehensive services for the purpose of acquiring a residence for families that are relocating to Israel or rather returning from a relocation period.

The services we offer are:

Property Search

Working with selected realtors to survey potential assets in the target neighborhoods..

Preliminary stage

Mapping the needs of our clients based on family structure, local relatives and personal preferences. The goal of this stage is to target a few neighborhoods where house-searching.

Negotiations and legal agreement for the purchase of the property

Legal services during negotiations. Checking the legal status of the asset and legal services in the contract phase of the deal.

Inspections of the selected property

Boots on the ground- serving as remote eyes on behalf of our clients. Visiting assets, providing pictures, documents and live video if needed.
We will be happy to be at your service

Ancillary services according to the customer's needs

Ancillary services such as: sale of an existing property in Israel, rental, architecture, interior design and more